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Founded in 1998, Indian Institute of Excellence (IIOE) is the premier institute in India imparting training to the insurance agents and the development officers in India. It is the only institute in India creating highest number of MDRTs, COTs and TOTs all over the country. We are spread across 178 cities in India providing training to more than 4.5 lakh agents and development officers of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC).

We help to ignite the potential in the insurance agents to deliver results in a challenging environment. All our courses will put our participants on the fast track success. It builds a strong foundation for the business and life values too. The average productivity increases by 25 times after attending the courses. It helps the insurance agents acquire professionalism thereby increasing the productivity substantially high.

Along with the courses our highly effective tools like books, CDs, magazine, seminars and blogs play a vital role in their performance. These tools keep them motivated and informed about the news and insurance related information. They also get umpteen numbers of selling tips, practical selling experiences shared by MDRT, COT and TOT agents and motivational speeches by our great IIOE leaders.

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